Upcoming Events & Announcements

Prom this Saturday, April 22nd . Grand March in the gym at Brandon, starting at 7:00pm. Admission is $1.00 per person.


Brandon-Evansville K-3 elementary concert will be in Brandon on May 11th at 7:00pm.

4-12 Combined Concert in Brandon Tuesday May 16 at 7pm.


For WEATHER RELATED ANNOUNCEMENTS: Parents if you are new to the district or have a new cell phone, we have your phone numbers in our automated phone system. However in order to receive weather related TEXT messages you must text "yes" to: 67587. After doing that you should immediately get a reply stating you are registered. If you do not get a reply call 218.948.2241 ext 2001. If you are not sure if you are registered to receive text messages, it is ok to re-register.