BREAKFAST:    $1.35   all grades
     LUNCH:           $2.45   K-3rd
                               $2.45   4-5th
                               $2.60   6-8th
                               $2.70   9-12th
                               $3.85   Adults
    Free and Reduced Breakfast & Lunch Meal: $0.00
     All Ala Carte items priced separately.
           We use "Family Accounts" in our lunch program meaning money paid to the school for your children's lunches will be available for any of your kids that eat at either campus. For example, if you send a check to school for $100 and you have 3 kids, the school will draw a payment from the account every time any of the 3 kids eats at school. When the account falls below $20, we notify you via our automated phone system that the account balance is under $20.
          When the balance reaches $0 or is negative you will receive another notice that the account is now negative and money needs to be paid immediately.  If you are a "full pay status" account, and the account is negative $30 (past due), the servers in the lunch room will be notified to serve your children a carton of milk, a meat or cheese sandwich and one serving of fruit or vegetable until the account is paid in full. If you are a "free or reduced status" account and the account is negative $30, the servers will be notified to serve your children a hot meal but no ala carte items. 
          B-E is a non-profit agency and we depend on everyone to pay their charges in order to keep costs low. Please send your lunch payments to the school in a timely fashion. Thank you.