Brandon-Evansville Residents: Your help is needed!

    B-E School maintains a census to better serve the residents of our communities. If you have NOT been involved in early childhood education services through B-E, please complete our census form for children living in your home.


    For further information, contact Erin Okerlund at eokerlund@b-e.k12.mn.us or 320.524.2263 ext 2000.

  • What is The Incredible Years?

    • Parenting program is an education course to learn more about time outs, consequences and rewards.
    • Help parents learn and use effective parenting responses.
    • Addresses multiple needs of the family.
    • Proven to reduce childhood depression, anger and opposition.
    • Helps parents learn to be more confident in their parenting because we all know that parenting is the most difficult job that we could have and it is the only job that gives you no instructions on how to do it.

    What do I do with my kids?

    Bring them with, we will provide childcare, free of cost, on site for children under the age of 3yrs old.  A preschool experience will be available for 3 and 4yr olds.

    Class Schedule

    The Incredible Years program is provided on Fridays from 8:15 to 10:45am. We will begin with a light breakfast provided, on site. Childcare is also being provided at no cost to participants. We will resume class on Friday, January 11, 2019.  Classes will be held at the, Brandon Elementary School at 206 W 3rd Street, Brandon, MN 56315.

    How do I sign up?  

    Registration can be completed through the Brandon-Evansville Early Education Department at 320-834-4084.

    What Are the Topics?

                *Child Directed Play                            *Academic and Persistence Coaching                              *Social and Emotional Coaching

                      *Effective Praise                                     *Motivating Children through Incentives                     *Rules, Routines, Responsibilities

                      *Effective Limit Setting                        *Follow through with Limit Setting                                  *Ignoring Misbehaviors

                      *Time Out to Calm Down                   *Natural Logical Consequences                                          *Problem Solving with Children



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