Coronavirus Update - March 2020


Good afternoon Brandon-Evansville Parents and Families,


The growing concern of the coronavirus outbreak has many people on edge and fearful.  Our district has been following the reports and staff has been made aware of the importance of following the CDC guidelines.  This link has been shared and we will continue to monitor the information we receive.   The Minnesota Association of School Administrators as well as the Minnesota School Board Association have been sending out weekly updates keeping school districts apprised of the latest information.


Brandon-Evansville Public Schools will continue to closely monitor this situation and take appropriate actions.  We will keep our staff informed and take precautions to best insure their safety and the well-being of our students.


Here is the link to CDC website for information.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to call me at (320) 834-4084. 


Thank you,


Don Peschel

Superintendent of Schools


District #2908