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Order your yearbook on-line this year!

Up through Christmas, you are able to order your yearbooks on-line for $35. After Christmas the price of the yearbook will go up.  Click on the link below for ordering on-line. You are also able to order your yearbook at either Brandon campus or Evansville campus at this special rate. There will be order forms available from either campus to bring back to school. If you need to order in installments, a down payment of $20 will be needed before Christmas with a balance of $15 to be paid before the yearbook is delivered. 

Yearbook Orders on-line

Order Form to download 

B-E Middle School Students, Middle School Science Teacher Kasi Huschle and Superintendent Mark Westby present a Thank You Card signed by all sixth through eighth grade students to Pat Nitz of the Evansville Historical Foundation for their generous donation towards the new cabinets installed in the Middle School Science classroom at the Evansville School. Thank you to the Evansville Historical Foundation for their continued support of our students' education.

The Brandon Gymnasium is accessible to individuals that have limited mobility.  If you plan on attending an event in the Brandon Gymnasium, please contact Erin in the office (524-2263 ext 203) to have Door #9 opened for you!

New changes on how you are able to access the schedules of the B-E chargers! Please choose the following link that will provide information on how-to: email or text you notifications or reminders; print out or email yourself an entire schedule; add your favorite sports calendar to your calendar; look at google maps for location of an event.

Activity Schedule User Guide

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Brandon Office (Brandon Elementary and B-E High School)
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Phone - (320) 524-2263 or (320) 834-4084  Fax (320) 524-2228

Evansville Office (Evansville Elementary and B-E Middle School)
123 2nd Ave./ PO Box 40, Evansville, MN 56326
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