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Today's Events For B-E

There will be a Special School Board Meeting 7:00 pm, Wednesday, May 27th at the Evansville Sr. Center. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss facilities, to hire an English teacher, to hire an Elementary teacher and to accept retirement of Tim Fenlason. The meeting is open to the public.

Help Wanted: Brandon Summer Rec is looking for coaches for Boys Peewees, Dwarfs, and Boys Toss Ball.  Apply at the Brandon School or Call Tom Trisko at 320-834-4084, ext. 2115.

The Brandon Gymnasium is accessible to individuals that have limited mobility.  If you plan on attending an event in the Brandon Gymnasium, please contact Erin in the office (524-2263 ext 2000) to have Door #9 opened for you!

       For I love to read month, Mr. Westby challenged the primary grades at Brandon Elementary to a reading challenge. Any student who read more minutes than Mr. Westby outside of school would get a couple free books of their choice courtesy of Mr. Westby.  Mr. Westby, an avid reader, was confident that no students could beat him, however, one student did. Zane Henneman, a second grader in Mr. Vacek’s room, read for 3,253 minutes in the month of February. He beat Mr. Westby by 1,183 minutes, or nearly 20 hours.  Congratulations Zane!

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