Grass, picnic tablecloth, and ants

2022 Brandon-Evansville Summer Rec


Summer Ball is available at three locations: Brandon, Evansville and Millerville. Use current grade (May 2022) when determining your child's practice time.

Swimming Lessons are June 20-24 for B-E students at the YMCA in Alexandria.

Ballplayers  bring lunch  June 20-24 if going to swim  lessons, too. 

Important Dates:

  • 06/06 Brandon, Evansville, and Millerville Ball Starts

  • 06/20 Swimming Lessons Begin

General Information

  • REGISTRATION FORMS are online at our website . If you need paper forms, see page 4 of this newsletter.

  • FEES: The fee for the Brandon & Evansville Summer Rec is $25 per child up to $70 per family. Please make your check payable to "ISD 2908." You may pay for all of your children with one check for ball, swimming and t-shirt orders. Checks will not be cashed until ball begins.

  • Fill out one Summer Rec Registration Form and return to either school office with your payment by May 25.

  • Financial Assistance is available for Summer Ball. Form is on website.


  • T-SHIRTS available for ordering. Form is on website.

  • PARENTS: Please make sure your child gets to practice safely; if walking, have them walk with someone, preferably an adult. Coaches are not responsible for the players when it is not their practice time.

We have the right to not allow any player to participate if that player does not follow the rules and policies of Summer Rec!

  • INJURIES AND ILLNESS: If your child is injured (whether at ball or some where else) or sick and has to go to the Dr., we will need a note from the Dr. telling us if and when they can play ball, and if there are any other restrictions. They will not be allowed to play without the note.

  • CANCELLATIONS & CHANGES: Please provide phone # for voicemail and/or text messages regarding changes and cancellations. One phone number and email per family. If the parents do not live in the same household, you may give one number/email per parent. Announcements will also be on 92.3FM & 1490AM.

Tournament Dates

  • Wednesday, July 6th - Dwarfs in (TBS)

  • Thursday, July 7th - Girls Softball and Boys Toss ball in Millerville

  • Friday, July 8th - Boys Pee Wees and Girls Toss ball in (TBD).


B-E Summer Rec T-Shirts Available

Brandon and Evansville Summer Rec Kids: If you would like a Summer REc T-Shirt, the cost is $12 (no name) or $16.00 (with a name on the back).

Orders after May 25th can be placed and paid for at the ETC Sign and Apparel Store in Brandon.

Payments: If ordered before May 25th, make checks payable to "ISD 2908"

Order forms above

Bring Your Lunch June 20-24  Ball players in Brandon & Evansville who also go to swimming lessons may bring a lunch to practice, eat their lunch after practice and then take the bus to swimming lessons. Adult supervision provided.

Grass, picnic tablecloth, and ants